Annual Concerts are held regularly each year.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to gain confidence in performance, in a very positive atmosphere where parents, grandparents, and other guests are welcome.

The concert is divided into short half hour sessions suitable for younger students and those parents with young families. In addition, the concert caters for older and more advanced students of longer duration; including those that have achieved the standard of Eighth Grade and above or equivalent with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), Trinity College London, Royal Schools of Music London (ABRSM).

Examination Options Students are invited to participate in examinations as worthwhile education goals, provided adequate pre-requisites have been met. Rosemary’s Music Studio has consistently maintainted an excellent standard for examinations with the AMEB; approx 85% of students gaining a high credit standard to honours and/or distinction across all grades. The most important aspect of examinations is that it is a stepping stone along the musical journey. The Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College London syllabi are also catered for.